Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ear Infection

Over the last couple weeks I noticed Easter being especially grumpy and huffy. I thought it was the weather change because I too am grumpy and huffy from the weather change. Then two nights ago when I went to get her she was balled up and wouldn't unball. I was worried it was a hibernation attempt, although I'm still not sure if it was because she wasn't cold and she was huffing and popping like mad (not unresponsive). When I would put her back down she would be fine and unball, but when I picked her up she went crazy. This isn't usual behavior for Easter, she's huffy but she doesn't ball up or pop very much at all. So the next day (yesterday) I took her to the vet first thing. For some reason they were very busy yesterday so we had to wait until noon before seeing the exotics vet. Of course Easter wouldn't unball for the exam so they had to anaesthetize her. They didn't find anything unusual in the exam except some gunk in her ear so they sent that to the lab along with a fecal sample.
Well, the vet called me last night to tell me she has a bacterial and a yeast infection in her ear. She said this definitely would have caused unusual behavior because poor Easter is uncomfortable and probably can't hear very well out of that ear.
I'm going back in today to pick up the medicine.
The vet thinks it should clear up in a few weeks!


Blogger Razzle said...

So glad it was nothing too serious and Easter is getting better, thanks to her quick-acting mom!!

11:05 PM  

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