Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Vet Visit

I took Easter to the vet today. She rode in her hedgie carry bag that I made last night. I made it by sewing fleece into a bag and then attaching fleece straps. It wears like a frontwards backpack. I kept all the seams on the outside so she doesn't hurt her feet on them.

She seems to really like the hedgie carry bag. She stayed burrowed into the bottom of it while we were on the way which was good cause I had to drive.

There were some loud dogs and children in the waiting room at the vet's and she got very scared and balled up.

Then we went in an examination room and the vet and vet student were good with her, but I still had to hold her for them to look at her and poke her belly cause she would ball up when they tried to hold her. She knows who her mama is.

They gave her a clean bill of health. Hooray!


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